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Tim’s courage

I want to open this Motivational Monday with an inspirational story about Tim Bannon.

Probably his name does not seem familiar to you. Well it is normal; he is simply a 14-year-old kid from Illinois, USA. What is then, so particular about him? Well, he was born without arms.

Recently he went viral with this video:

Against all the odds, he made a 20-inch vertical jump! He will say after the viral video:

“I saw in front of me all the people who said I couldn’t do it. I saw in front of me all the bullies making joke of me because I have no arms. I wanted just to prove them wrong!

Tim continues:

“I’m hoping when they see that video that they’re gonna be, like, ‘Holy cow, this kid can do it, I can do it too,’”

His tears in the end, are for sure a mix of joy and anger. Joy for the goal he achieved, but for sure angry because of all the negativity he has been going through every day.

Tim is actually preparing himself for the Youth Paralympics in Triathlon.I hope with all my heart that this guy will achieve many goals and will have more and more moments of joy!

This kid teaches us a big lesson for this week…

“Do what they say you can’t. Prove all wrong and have no fear!”

What was your excuse?

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