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The starting five of my ex-teammates: the Power Forward

This time I will talk about the best Power Forward I ever played with.

His name is Marko Milić. Yes exactly... that Marko Milić. The one that almost sent me to the hospital in the 2008 Slovenian Cup semifinal, became my teammate for a while in 2011.

He is by far the best Power Forward I ever played with.

For getting an idea about what a great player he was, please watch the video.


But it is not just about his talent. I have a short anecdote that will give you an idea of what kind of person "Milko" is...

My agent called me in January 2011 and told me that the italian team Vanoli Cremona needs a shooter. They expected me to come immediately. I packed my stuff in 30 min and was ready to go for the tryout. I was really excited about the given opportunity , but I always had in my mind the fear that Milić will not be amused seeing me after the trash talk from 2008. Arrived in Cremona I get the apartment's keys and some clothes for evening's practice. Entering the gym I see Coach Tomo Mahorič. He tells me that Marko is waiting for me. The fear started to be real. From the physiotherapy room I hear a voice... "Kje si koprčan!?" (in slovenian means "What's up guy from Koper!?"), I see a mountain of muscles laying on the bed. It's him. He stands up, hugs me and says: "Now we are on the same boat! Don't worry." In this moment I realized what a big person Marko is. He treated me, the whole month I was there, like a little brother. In the first game, he helped me and searched me for the pass, giving me the opportunity to score 10 pts in 20 min on my prime.  It has been a pleasure being his teammate and seeing him in action.  Great person! 

P.S.: please stay tuned to know which players will complete the starting five :)

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