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The starting five of my ex-teammates

Yesterday, on my way back home from fitness I was thinking: which are the best players between all of my ex-teammates? Therefore, I decided to write down my starting five. Here is my Point Guard:

Miha Čmer (181 cm - born 1977)

I played in my career with many great Point Guards: E.J. Rowland, Jovan Zdravković, Jan Špan, C.J. Carr… but if I have to choose one, I would choose Miha Čmer.

With “Čmersa”, I had two fantastic seasons in Koper in the First Slovenian League.

He was the engine of the squad. Dictating the tempo and managing all the tactics on the field, he was more like a player/coach. Miha was reading the action three steps before anyone else on the court and knew exactly where you were standing, without watching you. He was lefty and very hard to guard. Čmer could pull up from 8 meters, but also drive to the basket reading perfectly the pick & roll.

Miha was also a big competitor. In everything... really in everything! I remember playing with him at least 100 games of chess. He was addicted with this game. Čmersa just could not stop it. “Richie, let’s play another game, this time I will beat you!” I mean, he was a good chess player, but let’s say that basketball was more his talent. (I know he is reading it right now :) ).

Great baller and also a good friend.

Stay tuned for the rest of the starting five...

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