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The lesson just a defeat can give you

Everybody who knows me, will tell you that I am one of the most competitive guys you will ever meet. Even if I am playing a game of cards with my mom, I will always want to win. That is just who I am. That is just the competitiveness I developed living with an older brother. Moreover, this is who I am in basketball. I will do anything in my possibilities to win the game. You know why? Because I simply hate losing.

However, there is an aspect I did not consider during my early years of my career. An aspect that could have helped me become better and see things differently a lot earlier. What I gained through my basketball career is that after a loss I would learn a lot more than after a win. Yes exactly! I remember me watching game-videos and analyze my mistake the day after a loss or a bad performance, knowing that I would not permit myself to make them again in the next game. Why? Because losing make me feel bad.

Therefore, my point is, take everything a defeat can give you and make something good out of it. Learn in details what you made wrong and do not let yourself make the same mistake twice.

As Bram Stoker says: “We learn from failure, not success!”

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