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The incredible story of John Paul DeJoria

"It is the hard days, the times that challenge you to the very core, that determine who you really are."

I am opening today's #motivationalmonday with this really deep and meaningful quote as an introduction to one of the most incredible stories of success I have ever heard.

John Paul DeJoria was the son of an Italian immigrant father and a Greek immigrant mother. After his parents divorced, he started to help his single mom by selling Christmas cards and newspapers at the age of nine. When his single mother proved unable to support her child, he was sent to an East Los Angeles foster home.

He struggled finding a job and by the age of thirty, he was twice homeless.

John once said: “I was so low that when I looked up and saw ants walking over me! This is where I realized I could only go up.

He lived out of his car, selling shampoo and encyclopedia door-to-door to make ends meet.

DeJoria entered the hair care business as salesman at Redken Laboratories. This is where he developed his knowledge in the niche and formed John Paul Mitchell Systems with his friend Paul Mitchell on a loan of 700$.

Exactly, that John Paul Mitchell.

The company is making nowadays a yearly revenue of around $1 Billion.

As their company took off, Mitchell died of cancer, and DeJoria took over the business. He is the founder of more than a dozen other successful companies such as Patrón Spirits to the House or Blues to DeJoria Diamonds.

His net worth is actually placed at $2.6 Billions and he lives in a $50 million mansion in Malibu with his wife Eloise.

The message I want to send to the readers this week is simple. It doesn't matter how hard it is and how low you can be; there is always a way out. Work hard, stay positive and good things will happen.

Wish you a good week

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