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The day I trashed talked Marko Milic

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

09.02.2008 - It was the Semifinal of the Slovenian Cup in Ljubljana against the Union Olimpija (Euroleague Team with Goran Dragic and Marko Milic).

Marko Milic - NBA Draft 1997 - 2. Round / 3rd Pick - Foto: Ales Fevzer

I was 21 years old at the time. Coming from a really good performance in the quarterfinal the day before, I was full of confidence. So I had the brilliant idea of trash talking Marko Milic before the game (His short bio: 202 cm 110 kg and first slovenian player to ever make it to the NBA).

He didn't say a word.

First offense for us... A teammate misses the shot... I want to jump for the rebound... I see Marko Milic watching me and not even look at the ball... He turns then his back on me and throws an elbow directly on my forehead with all his power. It was like a Truck ran me over.... I saw all black... I fell on the floor and don't remember what happened for the next 2 min.

Me trying to stop Goran Dragic - Foto: Ales Fevzer

I finished with 3 points and we lost 87:61.

Ideserved it. Lesson learned.


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