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Prove them wrong!

One day my girlfriend asked me: "If you had to choose one quote which describes you the most, which one would you choose?"

It was a good question and I had to think about it a long time. In the end I found the one that most represents my actions and describes me better... so I answered: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what they say you can't."

I will try to tell you a story about my basketball career as an example:

I was 15 and just 2 years before, I started to play basketball. There were teammates in the U16 selection playing basketball for already 8 or 9 years. Therefore, I was just not as good as the others. However, I was improving. I was working hard day after day to become better and better, setting new goals to achieve.

One day our coach came to the locker room and started to ask what our goals in basketball are. If we were practicing for fun, for spending time with friends or because we wanted to become professional basketball players.

At the time, I was maybe the worse player in the team. He pointed the finger on me and asked: "Emanuel, why are you playing basketball?" I answered immediately: "Because I want to be a professional basketball player and play in the first Slovenian league one day!" Everybody laughed at me and thought I am crazy. How could this slow guy with no technique and 0 shot, think to play basketball professionally?

The coach approached me after practice and said: "Emanuel... it is better if you concentrate on your school goals. Being a professional basketball player is just not for you!" Only God knows how much I cried at home in my room that night and I never told that story to anyone.

What happened into this locker room, gave me the power to work even harder and I wanted to prove all of them wrong.

Just two years later I signed my first professional contract, so I decided to call my ex-coach: "Hi coach! I wanted to thank you! Thank you for giving me the motivation to prove you wrong. Thank you for not believing in me. Thank you from the heart!" and I put down the phone. I never heard or talked to him again.

So start this week by turning your haters into motivators and prove them wrong!