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Please donate for Kris

This time I will use the #motivationalmonday for helping some less fortunate family. The fact that there is a medicine that a child cannot get is difficult for parents to accept. This is the case of Kris’s family. Kris is a 19 months old kid from Slovenia, born with a rare genetic disease. A spinal muscular atrophy type one is trying to ruin his dreams and his future.

However, from May 2019 there is a revolutionary medicine on the market, which will be approved in Europe just next year. The problem? Kris has to take the medicine in the next 4 months, if not his life will be in danger. The only solution is to get the medicine and the treatment in the USA. Everything simple until here; those treatments cost 2.3 Million dollars. Exactly. 2.3 Millions.

This is where the whole Slovenian country united and started to donate for Kris. Even Luka Doncic started an online campaign for helping the kid.

A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one.

If you are reading this, please please please donate for him on the following bank details:

Every euro can save his life.

Thank you guys…

#savekris #motivationalmonday