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My season with ASD Breg

After the bankruptcy of my beloved homeclub KK Luka Koper, I was forced to find another team to continue my basketball career. By the way…more than thirty years of club’s history erased because of 10.000 € (I will for sure talk about it in another blog). WOW!

But let's go back in the 2010...

I had couple of offers: KK Skofja Loka (First Slovenian league), KK Portoroz (Second Slovenian league), SD Kos Koper (Slovenian lower division) and ASD Breg (Italian lower division).

ASD Breg was the only option allowing me to have an opened agreement. That means that if I got an offer from a higher division in Europe, I could have left the club with no consequences.

My friend Klemen Kladnik was a big factor in this decision. He loved Breg and made everything he could to bring me there. The decision came also after I met the President, Boris Salvi. One of the best persons I have ever met in my life. I trusted that man so much, that I never had to make a real contract with the club. It was just a verbal agreement. In addition, I got everything he promised me, or even more.

We started the season with Coach Krasovec well. I was having fun with the guys and established good friendships with Marco Grimaldi, Daniele Bozic, Alen Semec, Giacomo Schillani and many others. We qualified for the Playoffs and reached the Finals where we lost against Cormons in a close game infront of more than 1000 spactators.

What will always stay in my heart is what happened after the loss in the final. Exiting the Arena in Cormons, there were at least 100 supporters from Dolina, chanting and cheering our names as if we won. With music and a lot of beer, we had a great time with them. The love our supporters showed us during the whole season will stay in my heart forever. Something I cannot even describe with words.

This is why ASD Breg will always be a special club for me.

Thank you for everything

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