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My first month as a Coach

Hello readers!

It has been a while, huh? :)

Many things happened in this last month and my life changed completely. Again I could not stay in my comfort zone and decided for new difficult challanges...

My playing career got shocked on a Monday evening after a loss in Vilsbiburg. A sequence of happenings just made me accept an unexpected offer from the club. Asked to take the lead of the first team as the Head Coach, I did not hesitate to accept it.

Knowing most of the guys for more than five years now, I was sure the team could do better. This is why I put a lot of pressure on the players, pretending they worked harder in practice.

The answer from the fellows is positive at the moment. They are giving body and soul to the program and believe in what we do. It is a big satisfaction for me to see how they reflect on the floor my ideas and basketball philosophy. We are still not on the level I think we could be, but we are getting better every game.

Winning 3 of the last 4 games gave us a lot of confidence. We are now headed to a really important home game against Herzogenaurach and we don't want to disappoint our fans. The Longhorns are an experienced team that could cause us a lot of problems. But I am confident in my players and from Monday on, we will start to prepare this new important challenge.

See you on Saturday 25.01.2020 in our Gym!