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Do not judge, do not judge at all

I spent the last weekend with my girlfriend and my friends in Munich. It has been a good occasion for us to visit the Oktoberfest and have some fun. A sea of people waved into the city, filling every empty spot. Practically impossible to move. Beer, music and people… a lot, of people for one of the biggest events in Europe. Wow!

21.09.2019, Allianz Arena Munich

However, thanks to my company, I received also four tickets for a FC Bayern Munich football game at the Allianz Arena. 75000 people watching that football game, yes exactly… 75000 people. An incredible atmosphere. This is where me and my teammate Charlie Brown started to think about, what a rush of adrenaline you have to feel, playing in such an atmosphere.

Let‘s think about it for a second. Imagine you are 18 years old. Playing for the youngsters of FC Bayern Munich. You are talented, so you get a chance of playing in the first team for a home game. On the score of 4-0, the coach decides to give you a chance and put you in… You are playing in front of 75000 people, probably your value as a player doubles up, everybody knows you now and you are signing a rich contract. How can you as an 18-years old kid stay normal? Impossible! Your life changes so quick! The fame and the money will change you. It’s inevitable.

Therefore, my point is, do not judge people changing after quick success. It can happen. Alternatively, even better said… do not judge other people at all. Everybody has a background you don't know about it.

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