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Do more of what makes you happy

It is easy to say but most of the people, for one reason or another, are not doing in life what they really want and love.

Is it really worth doing something you do not love? For the rest of your life? What is stopping you? Financial stability? Other people's opinion? Fear of what?

For example, I always wanted to write a blog. As a hobby. Why did I not start to write it earlier? Because I was always afraid of other people’s opinion. The fear of being the focus of derision was pushing me away from one of my passions. Maybe, some are laughing at me and do not like what I am writing about; however, you know what? I do not care. I do not, because writing makes me happy. Moreover, in my opinion, everybody should try to live his or her own passion, no matter what.

You should not care about other people’s opinion. Even if this comes from one of your “friends”. Moreover, by doing what you love, you can recognize who is a real supporter and pusher in your life. A real friend will always support you, no matter what.

So do more of what makes you happy and listen to nobody. Life is short, and we only regret what we did not do.

Have a nice week...

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