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Choose a boss, not a job

Your career depends a lot, from what kind of person your boss is. It is not a secret!

He will inspire your actions eight hours a day, and will influence your attitude to your job. Nevertheless, you will learn from him how to interact with others and how to manage workers relationships.

There are five characteristics that in my opinion your future boss should have:

- He believes in you: this is the basis. If a boss does not believe in you and your capabilities, run away! There will be times where even you will not believe in yourself, this is where your perfect boss will push you over the obstacles.

- He does not take credit: a real leader does not need to take credit by himself. He gets it always from others. Be aware of bosses with “self-credit syndrome”, eventually they will take the credit also from you.

- He listens to others: an open-minded boss is the best one. Listening to others is not a sign of weakness, moreover, a sign of strength. Listening more opinions and in the end executing the best option is important for the growth of the company.

- He leads by permission, not authority: if he gives you space of maneuver and lets you make big decisions, it is a good sign. He lets you make your own mistakes so you can learn from them. However, do not repeat them!

- He takes the responsibility: if when the game gets hard, he steps up and takes the responsibility, he is a great leader.

Do you think your boss does not have all those characteristics? Well, you should think about if you are in the right place. For luck, my actual boss, has for now all of those characteristics. What about yours?

Wish you a good week!

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