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Charlie Brown is a new Kangaroo

Charlie Brown is a new Kangaroo! I want to present him with a small interview. We already had the first practice and he showed immediately good skills. I am sure it will be another great season for us.

Full name: Charlie Brown 

Nickname: Chuck

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’1

Weight: 185 pounds 

Previous clubs: Missouri Southern State University, Minnesota State University 

Life hero: My mom

Best movie: The Wood

Top 3 songs before a game:

It Can Get Ugly - Larry June,

Face The World - Nipsey Hussle,

Sacrifices- Dreamville

Hi Charlie! Welcome to Germany! First of all, what are your first impressions about Augsburg?

"I Like Augsburg, It’s a nice city. I haven’t seen a lot of it but i’m excited to experience the culture and people."

Why the Kangaroos?

"Why the kangaroos? Why not the kangaroos should be the question. High level club that wins consistently. And I get to play in an awesome city like Augsburg so it’s a winning situation for me."

You already had your first practice. What do you think about the team? 

"My first practice was fun, I think we have a good amount of size and shooting. We will have to develop our chemistry and continue to get comfortable playing with each other."

What are your personal and team goals for this season? 

"My personal goal this season is to play each game at a high level, making plays for myself and my teammates. If I do what I believe results will come. My team goal is to make sure everyone stays happy and ultimately win a championship."

Do you know any ex-Kangaroo player? What did they tell you about the club?

"I know Skylar Bowlin, Jason Adams, and I’ve played against CJ Carr in college... they all said positive things about the club and that it was a great place to start my playing career and most importantly to have fun and a good experience in Europe."

Do you have rituals before the game?

"Before games I pray, and listen to music. That’s about it, as far as rituals go."

Do you watch NBA? Which team do you support and who will in your opinion take the NBA championship this year? 

"I watch the NBA a lot more when it’s the playoff time, but I like the Lakers and I think they’ll win the championship."

What do you think about Luka Doncic?

"I think Luka is a hell of a player, he’s a 6’8 point guard who’s crafty and has a high IQ."   

Did you ever play against an NBA player? 

"Yes I’ve played against a ton of NBA players, Devin Booker, Stanley Johnson, De’Aaron Fox, Justice Winslow, Jahlil Okafor and Kelly Oubre."

Thank you Charlie! See you in practice :)

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