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Basketball doesn't build character, it reveals it.

I have been in the world of basketball for so long. It is 19 long years that I fell in love with this orange ball. Wow! From the first shots in this small Gym in Prade, Slovenia, I came to big arenas and traveled the World with this beautiful sport.

A lot of lessons and different people crossed my career.

If there is one thing, I learned from basketball, is that a lot from your behavior from the court, will be reflected on your real life. Yes exactly! The moments in life that push you down and test you to the real core, will reveal the real you. And so is Basketball.

Yes. Because when you are under a psychophysical stress, because of a hard practice or a hard game, you still have to deliver your performance. Will you quit? Will you hate yourself because of a bad game? Will you blame your teammates because they do not pass the ball? Will you hate your coach because he didn’t put you in? It is on you.

Basketball tests your limits, physically and mentally, and reveals the real you.

So pay attention on your behaviour on the court. Be a worrior and be strong also in difficult situations.

Wish you a good week guys

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