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A little phenomenon called C.J. Carr

The season 2018/2019 has been something special to me. Not just because we won a lot of games, but also because of the brotherhood and friendship we built between all the players.

Finally, the hashtag #kangaroosfamily was more than right for us. We were a real brotherhood both on and off the court.

A lot of credit for that goes for sure to our Coach Ian Chadwick. A real man. Someone who says everything infront of your face, without any tricky games.

However, in my opinion, what C. J. CARR brought to the team in terms of determination, will to win, work ethic and quality, made all our characters melt together into one single unity. He gave us strength and self-confidence. Suddenly everybody was playing better, we were all watching in the same direction and looking forward for the same goals.

He is for sure one of the best playmakers I ever played with.

Me and C.J. posing in a photoshooting for the Kangaroos

The episode that better explains what this young man from Iowa brought to our team last year, is the game against Hellenen München. It was not literally his best shooting night, but he took the game winning shot at the buzzer and made it (see video).


Well thank you C. J.! It has been a great run and a great season!

I still do not know where you will continue to ball, but I wish you all the best for your career.

Moreover, with your determination and work ethic, you will for sure achieve many other goals!

Good luck 🍀

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