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(5-2) Two losses that hurt

It has been a tough period for us Kangaroos in the last 3 weeks. Against Bamberg we lost a game in front of our numerous fans. A game that on the paper... we should have won, but was taken home from Stefan Walde and company. More than deserved! TTL Bamberg has a lot of talent and is really well coached. They simply scored more than us and were the best team on the court.

What really hurted me, was the last game against Breitengüßbach. It hurted me because it went far away from being a basketball game. I will stop here with my comments on this game.

Sometimes it is better to shut up and take the kick directly into your face, react with intelligence and go on.

This is basketball… you can’t always win... and like in life… it is not always fair…

But you know what? You have every time a new week for demonstrating your value and be stronger of any injustice.

Let's go Kangaroos and see you on Saturday in Stadtbergen for one of the most important games of the season. 1st against 2nd. Who wins takes the lead. Against Ansbach it will be a war... and believe me... we will defend our court with all we have! Promised!

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